Privacy Policy would take enough measures to protect the privacy of our customers. This statement is provided here so that you would know about how well your details are protected on our site over the risks that are involved in sharing the information on the internet.

This site has a separate set of experts whose job is to solely protect the information of our customers by preventing the attack of the intruders. The gateway is very secured and strong making it difficult for the hackers to steal your details.

Though we value the privacy of your information, we still are in a position to submit your details in case the court asks us to do so. This would be the only exception for sure. We do not sell any of your details right from your name to your credit card number to the third parties.

We would use your mail address to send the mail regarding useful information. You would know that we would be collecting non-personal details also. This would be done in the form of cookies. They are collected every time you use our site and the aim is only to enhance the search results but you would also be provided with the option to block if not interested.