Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned in the following clauses administers the way by which it maintains and discloses the information given by the user. The information of the user will be secured. This policy was applied for all products and information in the website.

Personal information would be collected at our end from the users by which they can be able to access our website. The personal information about the user will be secured highly. We do not collect the contact of the user unless you provide it. All the necessary steps will be taken to secure your personal information. Our privacy policy will not allow anyone to access any information without authorized access to the account. You should know that we cannot guarantee for the safety of your details as an interruption in the internet transmissions occurs leading unsafe to your personal information.

The information we obtained are fully secured and will not be shared to the outside world under any circumstances. We will not let anyone find your information or identify you with it.

In common, we also may store non-personal information such as name and type of computer they use and technical information just to analyze the data. This will helps us to know the pages you visit and keep us determining the statistics, traffic patterns and other analysis.

We engage in using ‘cookies’ to enhance and improvise the user experience. Your web browser houses cookies on the hard drive for keeping records and rarely, for tracking information related to the mentioned. You may set your browser to turn down the usage of cookies, however. You may also decide if you would want to be sent notification in case of the cookies being used. Doing so may cause improper functioning of our website.

In addition, these services or websites, including their links, redirections and contents may be modified, deleted or changed constantly or from time to time. We hold our own privacy policies and customer service policies for every service, which may or may not be unique and different from one another.

Our sites do provide the links to our affiliate sites but we do not hold complete responsibility for the information provided in it. We do not own any of their content, copyrights, terms or privacy policies. You should be aware of the privacy policy of the other sites. Ensure the security for your information if you are visiting the outbound link.

Copying the content from our website is strictly prohibited under federal copyright law. We owned the copyrights for this website including all the information, images, videos and logos.